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About Me

Phone: (209) 222-8685‬

I am a self-driven veteran of the ASIC/FPGA AND IC design in the tech industry, with over 20 years of experience across all technical disciplines of semiconductors chip/ASIC or IC design as well as FPGA design, extensive hands-on experience as well as managing cross-functional international teams through all aspects of the chip design through production. I have a proven track record of successful, time-crunched seemingly "impossible" tape-outs of flagship products. When I’m not doing chips, I hack computer vision and deep learning to fit on platforms such as Raspberry-Pi. 
I am also an Expert Witness for patent infringement and liability cases that involve Semiconductors, FPGAs, Hardware, Software, Embedded Firmware, and EDA/CAD tools and the owner of GR Tech - an expert witness firm that covers various areas such as networking, wireless communications, cellular communications, software, firmware, hardware, ASIC, FPGA, semiconductors, radar signal processing, computer vision and image processing, signal processing, algorithms, optics and optical systems, RF and antenna design and sensors, for post and pre-litigation.

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Expert Witness

Owner of an Expert Witness firm that is giving expert witness services in patent infringement and liability cases, that involve semiconductors, mobile devices, hardware, software, firmware, optics, RF and Antenna, consumer electronics, networking, wireless and cellular communications, radar signal processing, computer vision and image processing, algorithms and more. 

We also do a lot of reverse engineering of hardware and software for pre-litigation and hardware and software reviews for ongoing litigations.

Extensive IP (Intellectual Property) experience

patent development, analysis, licensing, and strategic positioning. Holds 6 patents.

Architecture and RTL Design and verification

hands-on experience with architectures of many SoCs and complex blocks as well as RTL writing and functional verification for both ASIC and FPGA. Extreme knowledge in design for PPA, i.e. architecting an SoC to meet timing, power and area budgets from the get-go, making the rest of the flow almost a push button.


From whitepapers to publications, I am consistently writing and teaching my craft to others

Extensive hands-on experience with the following tools

SoC architecture design Verilog and RTL design, Functional Verification, physical synthesis, timing closure, place and route, DFT, extraction, clock tree synthesis, Perl scripting, Python, Git/CVS/Mercurial, Tcl, Timing constraints design, Running computer vision in real time on platforms like Raspberry Pi

Over 20 years of experience

in developing a range of product areas: networking, wireless/cellular communications, Switch ASICs CPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, software, firmware, system, IPs, CAD/SW tools.

Over 12 years of experience

in senior management of design and production of integrated circuits, FPGAs, SW, and CAD tools, from conception to mass-production.

Many successful unique complex, SoCs

brought from concept to volume production in multiple companies. Many more tape-outs, shrinks, and product derivatives were brought to production. Covering 65nm down to 10nm processes

EDA tools and IP

Responsible for all IP and EDA tools. Negotiated agreements for the purchase of EDA/CAD tools silicon, IP, other vendors, and known foundries for over $20M

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My Experience

Background & Expertise

Owner and Expert Witness at GR Technologies, LLC.

2019 - Now

  • Among our customers are: Latham, Heim Payne & Chorush LLP, Finnegan, Kyle & Harris LLP.

  • My firm employs expert witnesses in various areas such as networking, wireless/wired communications, cellular communications, software, firmware, hardware, ASIC, FPGA, semiconductors, radar signal processing, computer vision and image processing, signal processing, algorithms, optics and optical systems, lidars, cameras, sonar, ultra-sound, optical communications and devices, display technologies inc. touch screens, OLED, LCD, EPD, LCD, TFT backplanes and more, Fluid and thermal flow and analysis, RF and antenna design and remote and wearable sensors.

  • Pre-litigation: Patent infringement and validity analysis. Hardware and software code reverse engineering and reviews – hardware soft (x-ray/CT imaging) and hard teardowns, software extraction out of processors and micro-controllers, software/firmware reverse engineering. 

  • Product Liability Cases: Forensic Investigation, Product Copying analysis, Point of failure analysis - did a failure happen due to hardware, software. Analyze and identify the point of failure.

  • Participated in 28 hours of SEAK various Expert Witness training courses.

  • I personally cover patent and liability cases that involve electronics, semiconductors, FPGAs, hardware, software, embedded firmware and EDA/CAD tools while the other experts in my cover everything else.

  • Helping with IPR petitions and preparing IPR expert declarations

  • Helping with IPR petitions and preparing IPR expert declarations

  • Preparing claim charts, expert reports

  • Some of the cases I personally worked on:

    • ​Latham: Consulting witness on a few consumer electronics infringement cases. Performed patents’ analysis, reverse engineering on many consumer products, electrical measurements, software extraction and reverse engineering, scientific reports, expert reports.

    • Kyle & Harris: Plaintiff side. Testifying witness on a high-profile consumer electronic case: Snik LLC v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. et al​

Founder & Managing Partner, AlephZero Consulting, LLC.

2017 - Now

  • AlephZero Consulting, LLC is a unique consultancy with extreme experience in designing complex algorithm design, chip/FPGA design as well as embedded (real-time) software/firmware design. Our customers range from chip design companies, automotive companies, automotive radar and lidar makers, retail automation companies, financial institutions and more.

  • Leading the hardware and embedded software/firmware design of our consultancy.

  • Hands-on chip design work for fabless semiconductor companies in the areas of Architecture, SoC Architecture, RTL Design, Verification, early power/area estimation, early floor planning and PPA calculations, flow optimizations, physical synthesis, P&R and timing closure.

  • Developed real-time image object detector using neural networks on a Raspberry Pi as an initial prototype and proof of concept for a customer​

  • Perl and Python scripting for several customers as part of the overall help with prototyping and chip design

Director of VLSI, Rockley Photonics Inc.

2015 - 2017

  • Director of VLSI at Rockley Photonics, a well-funded start-up company that designs and manufactures opto-electrical switch ASICs for data centers. Responsible for the entire VLSI development in the company (digital and analog).

  • Managed the design of the company's flagship large and complex switch ASIC (~200mm sq), Topanga-1 - a 1.2TB throughput switch ASIC with in-house analog mixed-signal periphery to enable on-package optical/electrical integration

  • Built a fully functional digital and analog team from scratch.

  • Negotiated and put together many partner relationships that included direct access to TSMC (rare for a start-up) as well as design EDA tools, IP and services agreements with companies like Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and other partners

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Senior Director of VLSI Engineering, Mindspeed Technologies (acquired by Intel in 2014)

2011 - 2015

  • Managed all the projects/products of Intel's wireless cellular base-station products – overall 2 existing chip families and one next-generation family that's currently being designed.

  • Managed and hands-on participation in the development from the concept of T2200/T3300 devices, the company’s wireless small-base-station baseband processor flagship products.

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Hands-on and management positions

Held hands-on engineering and management positions in companies such as Motorola Semiconductor, Intel, Broadcom, Agere/LSI, and a few successful startups


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Interested in learning more about my professional background?

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What I’ve Learned

Ben Gurion University, Israel

1995 - 1998

B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
(Finished full curriculum of B.Sc EE, plus a few M.Sc. courses in 3 years instead of 4)

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Professional Associations

  • Senior IEEE member

  • Senior Member, IEEE Consultants Network

  • Senior Member, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

  • Senior Member, IEEE Communications Society

  • Senior Member, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

  • Senior Member, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society

  • Senior Member, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology

  • Senior Member, IEEE Signal Processing Society

  • Senior Member, IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society

  • Senior Member, IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society

  • Senior Member, IEEE Systems Council

  • Senior Member, IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation

  • Member, ACM

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  • ”A methodology for timely verification of a complex SoC,” IEEE 2009 International SoC Design Conference (ISOCC), Busan, 2009, pp. 137-140.

  • "Reduction in ATE Test time for Core Wrapped (Border Sealed) blocks by Avoiding Q->SI at speed timing arcs & Interface X sources", Intel SoC Conference

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  • “Generating a random number in an existing system on chip” -US8522065B2

  • "Security circuitry for bonded structures" - US20200371154A1

  • “System and method for line coding” - US20170230143A1

  • “Synchronization and ranging in a switching system” - US20170279591A1

  • “Hardware efficient system and method for load balancing using a random number” - US20180074861A

  • “Optoelectronic Switch” - GB2566248B


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